2024 Asia Meeting, South/Central/West, Delhi, India: January, 2024

Effects of Gender and Ethnicity on the Wage Gap Among Farmworkers in Northwestern Mexico

Omar Stabridis; Cecilia Salgado-Viveros

The objective of this research is to analyze the effect of gender and ethnicity on the gender wage
gap among farmworkers in the northwest region of Mexico, based on the 2020 census sample. By
employing matching estimates and Inverse Probability Weighted Regression Adjustment
(IPWRA) models, the effects on the mean and throughout the wage distribution of the sample are
studied. It is observed that, in relation to gender and ethnicity, these are negative, especially when
considered simultaneously, since among indigenous farmworkers, it is women who have the worst
salaries. For women there are conditions of both a “sticky floor” and a “glass ceiling,” and for men
only the second. The results indicate that part of this difference can be interpreted as a result of


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