Regional Named Lectures: Australasia

2023 Australasian Meetings, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Petra Todd (University of Pennsylvania) 

Colin Clark Lecture: Stephen Morris (MIT) 

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Stephane Bonhomme (University of Chicago) 

2022 Australasia Meeting, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Daron Acemoglu, MIT

Colin Clark Lecture: Yeon-Koo Che, Columbia University

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Susan Athey, Stanford University, GSB

2021 Australasian Meeting, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Emi Nakamura, UC Berkeley

E.J. Hannan Lecture, Francesca Molinari, Cornell University

Colin Clark Lecture, Heidi Williams, Stanford University

2016 Australasia Meeting, University of Technology Sydney

Sargan Lecture: Peter Phillips, Yale University

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Robert Porter, Northwestern University

Colin Clark Lecture: Thomas Palfrey, California Institute of Technology

E.L. Hannan Lecture: Victor Chernozhukov, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jacob Marshak Lecture: Yeon-Koo Che, Columbia University

2014 Australasia Meeting, University of Tasmania

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Rachel Griffith, IFS and University of Manchester, “Government Intervention in Food Markets When Firms React”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Alastair Hall, University of Manchester, “Econometricians Have Their Moments: GMM at 32”
Colin Clark Lecture: Ilya Segal, Stanford University, “Deferred-Acceptance Heuristic Auctions and Radio Spectrum Reallocation”

President’s Lecture: Manuel Arellano, CEMFI, “On the Econometrics of Household Income and Consumption Dynamics”                                          

Invited Lectures:

John Campbell, Harvard University, “Getting Better or Feeling Better? How Equity Investors Respond to Investment Experience”
Michael Buchanan, Temasek, “A Long Term Investor’s Approach to Asia, China, the World”
Glenn Stevens, Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia, “Economic Address”
Joseph Stiglitz, “Manufacturing and the Great Recession”
Julia Lane, American Institutes for Research, “Using “Big Data” to Build an Empirical Foundation for Science and Innovation Policy: Lessons Learned”

2013 Australasia Meeting, University of Sydney

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Frank Smets, European Central Bank, “Unemployment in a New Keynesian Model”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Mark Watson, Princeton University, “Measuring Uncertainty about Long-Run Predictions”

Colin Clark Lecture: Debraj Ray, New York University, “Uneven Growth and Social Conflict”

Invited Lectures:

John Ledyard, California Institute of Technology, “Price Discovery in Continuous Double Auctions”
John Wooders, University of Technology Sydney, “Experience and Expertise in Mixed-strategy Games”
Andrew McLennan, University of Queensland, “Some People Never Learn, Rationally”
Asher Wolinsky, Northwestern University, “Information Aggregation by Prices Formed in Bidding and in Search”
John Van Reenen, London School of Economics, “Management as a Technology”
Robert Gibbons, MIT, “Cyert and March (1963) on Management”
David Easley, Cornell University, “Paternalism, Heterogeneous Beliefs, and Market Completeness”
Yuliy Sannikov, Princeton University, “Agency Problems and Dynamic Contracting”
Hanming Fang, University of Pennsylvania, “Equilibrium Labor Market Searches and Health Insurance Reform”
Michael Kremer, Harvard University, “When Is Prevention More Profitable than Cure? The Impact of Time-varying Consumer Heterogeneity”
Serena Ng, Columbia University, “Boosting Recessions”
Graham Elliott, University of California San Diego, “Nearly Optimal Tests When a Nuisance Parameter Is Present Under the Null Hypothesis”
John Starchurski, Australian National University, “Coase Meets Tarski: New Insights from Coase’s Theory of the Firm”
George Mailath, University of Pennsylvania, “Stable Matching with Incomplete Information”
John Rust, University of Maryland, “The Dynamics of Bertrand Price Competition with Cost-reducing Investments”
Steven Berry, Yale University, “Optimal Product Variety in Radio Markets”
Frank Schorfheide, University of Pennsylvania, “Sequential Monte Carlo Sampling for DSGE Models”
Jon Faust, Johns Hopkins University, “The Next Revolution in General Equilibrium Macroeconomics”

2012 Australasia Meeting, Deakin University

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Jeffery Wooldridge, Michigan State University, “Nonlinear Panel Data Models with Heterogeneity and Endogeneity”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Alvin Roth, Harvard University, “Kidney Exchange: Accomplishments and New Challenges”

Colin Clark Lecture: Dani Rodrik, Harvard University, “Structural Change, Industralization, and Economic Convergence”  

President’s Lecture: Jean-Charles Rochet, Zurich University, “A Theoretical Foundation for the Stakeholder Corporation”

Invited Lectures:

Dale Mortensen, Northwestern University, Alfred Nobel Lecture, “Equilibrium Labor: Turnover, Firm Growth, and Unemployment”
David Matimort, Paris School of Economics / Ecole d’Eco, “Public Contracting in Delegated Agency Games”
Tayfun Sonmez, Boston College, “Cadet-Branching at U.S. Army Programs”
Stephen Morris, Princeton University, “Robust Prediction in First Price Auctions”
Myrna Wooders, Vanderbilt University and Warwick University, “Strategic Equilibrium in Club and Coalition Economics”
Stephen Machin, University College London, “Rising Wage Inequality and Postgraduate Education”
Michael Keane, University of New South Wales, “How the Allocation of Children’s Time Affects Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Development”
Charles Horioka, Osaka University, “An International Comparison of Altruism and Bequest Motives”
Selhattin Imrohoroglu, University of Southern California, “Fiscal Reform and Government Debt in Japan: A neoclassical Perspective”
Martin Ravallion, World Bank, “Growth and Poverty Revisited: Why Don’t We See Poverty Convergence?”
Dean Karlan, Yale University, “Examining Underinvestment in Agriculture: Evidence from Rainfall Insurance and Capital Experiments in Ghana”
Barbara Rossi, ICREA, UPF, CREI and Barcelona GSE, “Tests of Specification and Distributional Change for Predictive Densities”
Jean-Marie Dufour, McGill University, “Exogenity Tests, Weak Identification and IV Estimation”
Nicholas Yannelis, University of Iowa, “Implementation Under Ambiguity”
Tim Roughgarden, Stanford University, “Quantifying the Inefficiency of Equilibria”
Keisuke Hirano, University of Arizona, “Some Impossibility Results for Point Estimators”
Jinyong Hahn, UCLAQ, “A Dual Approach to Confidence Intervals for Partially Identified Parameters”
Scott Taylor, University of Calgary, “Back to the Future of Green Powered Economies”
Nuno Limao, UMD, “Uncertainty and Trade Agreements”
Lutz Kilian, University of Michigan, “The Role of Inventories and Speculative Trading in the Global Market for Crude Oil”
Robert Chirinko, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Job Creation Tax Credits and Job Growth: Evidence from U.S. States”

2011 Australasia Meeting, University of Adelaide

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Cheng Hsiao, University of Southern California, “Panel vs. Cross-sectional Data”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Bruce Hansen, University of Wisconsin, “Averaging and Shrinkage in Econometrics”              

Colin Clark Lecture: V. Joseph Hotz, Duke University, “Games Parents & Adolescents Play: Strategic Parenting & the Behaviors of Teens”      

Invited Lectures:

Matthew Jackson, Stanford University, “Network Patterns of Favor Exchange”
Peter A. Petri, Brandeis University, “Can Asia Grow Fast on Its Own?”
Yacine Aϊt-Sahalia, Princeton University, “The Leverage Effect Puzzle: Disentangling Sources of Bias in High Frequency Inference”
Markus Brucker, University of Adelaide, “The Effectiveness of Government Expenditures during Financial Crisis: Evidence from Regional Spending in Japan”
Michael C. Burda, Humboldt University, “Payroll Taxes, Social Insurance and Business Cycles”
Yoosoon Chang, Indiana University, “Panels at High Frequency”
Xiaohong Chen, Yale University, “Sieve Inference of Semi/nonparametric Time Series Models”
Javier Hidalgo, London School of Economics, “Testing for Equality of Correlation Structure”
Yongmiao Hong, Cornell University, “Autoregressive Conditional Models for Interval-Valued Time Series Data”
Yuichi Kitamura, Yale University, “Bayesian Analysis of Moment Restriction Models Using Nonparametric Priors”
Robert Kohn, University of New South Wales, “Particle Filtering within Adaptive MH Sampling”
Qi Li, Texas A&M University, “Gradient Based Smoothing Parameter Selection for Nonparametric Regression Estimation”
Oliver Linton, London School of Economics, “Efficient Semiparametric Estimation of the Fama-French Model and Extensions”
Joon Park, Indiana University, “Nonstationarity in Continuous Time”
Brian Wright, University of California, Berkeley, “The Economics of Grain Price Volatility”

2009 Australasia Meeting, Australian National University

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Andrew Atkeson, University of California, “Limits to Innovation”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Eric Renault, University of North Carolina, “Volatility Estimation with High Frequency Data: Three Approaches and Three Horizons”

Colin Clark Lecture: Larry Samuelson, Yale University, “Resource Allocation without Prices”

Marschak Lecture: Bo Honore, Princeton University, “Panel Data Discrete Choice Models”

President’s Lecture: Roger Myerson, University of Chicago, “Understanding the Foundations of Institutions: Moral Hazard in High Office”

Invited Lectures:

Pravin Trivedi, Indiana University, “Impact of Prescription Drug Insurance on Medicare Drug Expenditure: Bayesian and GMM Analyses of a Two-part Model with Selection”
Aman Ullah, University of California, Riverside, “Estimation and Forecasting of Dynamic Conditional Covariance; A Semiparametric Multivariate Model”
Gabrielle Demange, Paris-Jourdan Sciences Economiques (PSE), “Sharing Information in Web Communities”
Jean Charles Rochet, Toulouse School of Economics, “Regulating Systemic Institutions”
Yossi Feinberg, Stanford University, “Games with Unawareness”

2008 Australasia Meeting, Wellington

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Robert Gordon, Northwestern University, “A History of the Phillips Curve”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Allan Timmermann, University of California, San Diego, “Learning in Real Time: Theory and Empirical Evidence from the Term Structure of Survey Forecasts”

Colin Clark Lecture: Stephen Morris, Princeton University, “Coordinating Expectations” 

President’s Lecture: Torsten Persson, Stockholm University, “State Capacity, Conflict and Development”

Invited Lectures:

Clive Granger, University of California, San Diego, “The Phillips Curve 50 Years On”
Stephen Turnovsky, University of Washington, “Stabilisation Policy and Policy Modelling”
Wing Thye Woo, Brookings Institution & University of California, Davis, “China: Implications for the World”
Martin Browning, University of Oxford, “Microeconometrics”
Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan, “Toward a Theory of Optimal Tax Systems”
Avner Greif, Stanford University, “Institutions and Economic Performance”
David Audretsch, Max Planck Institute of Economics, “Innovation and Technology: Entrepreneurship”
George Borjas, Harvard University, “Migration, Diaspora and Human Capital”
Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago, “Computation and Economics: Opportunities and Experiments”

2007 Australasia Meeting, University of Queensland

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Manuel Arellano, CEMFI, “Robust Priors in Nonlinear Panel Data Models”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Geert Bekaert, Columbia Business School, “Risk, Uncertainty and Asset Prices”

Colin Clark Lecture: David Martimort, The Institut d’Economie Industrielle (IDEI), “Mechanism Design with Bilateral Contracting and Private Communication”

President’s Lecture: Lars Peter Hansen, University of Chicago, “Risk Over Long Horizons: An Econometric Perspective”

Invited Lectures:

John Panzar, Northwestern and Auckland University, “Recent Developments on Postal Liberalization and Regulation”
Julian Wright, National University of Singapore, “Recent Developments in Two-sided Markets”
Flavio Menezes, University of Queensland, “Maverick Firms: An Exploratory Analysis of Mortgage Providers in Australia”

2006 Australasia Meeting, Alice Springs

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Lucrezia Reichlin, European Central Bank, “Advances in the Econometrics of High Dimensional Time Series”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Yacine Aϊt-Sahalia, Princeton University, “Portfolio Choice with a Large Number of Assets: Jumps and Diversification”

Colin Clark Lecture: Paul Milgrom, Stanford University, “Auctions for Multiple Heterogeneous Items”

President’s Lecture: Richard Blundell, University College London, “From Income to Consumption: Modelling the Transmission of Inequality”

Invited Lectures:

Michael Keane, University of Technology, Sydney, “The Life Cycle Decisions of Young Women”
Robert Anderson, University of California, Berkeley, “Equilibrium in Continuous-Time Financial Markets: Endogenously Dynamically Complete Markets”
Timothy Cason, Purdue University, “Recommended Play and Correlated Equilibria: Experimental Study”
Joshua Gans, University of Melbourne, “The Dynamics of Idea Markets”
John Gibson, University of Waikato, “Selection Bias in the South Pacific: Experimental and Non-experimental Measures of Income Gains from Tongan Migration”
Laurel Hixton, University of Technology, Sydney, “Medicare Prescription Drug Choices in the U.S.: A Challenge to Rational Behaviour”
John List, University of Chicago, “Field Experiments”
John Quiggin, University of Queensland, “Employment in Remote Aboriginal Communities: A Regional Development Perspective”
Frank Schorfheide, University of Pennsylvania, “Priors from Frequency-domain Dummy Observations”
Suzanne Scotchmer, University of California, Berkeley, “Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products”
Eyal Winter, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Co-location and Incentives”

2004 Australasia Meeting, Monash University

A.W. Phillips Lecture:     Andrew Chesher, University College, London, “Identification of sensitivity to variation in endogenous variables”

E.J. Hannan Lecture:       Clive Granger, University of California at San Diego, “Causality: Some New Thoughts on an Old Topic”

Colin Clark Lecture:         Kaushik Basu, Cornell University, “Coercion, Contract and the Limits of the Market”

Marschak Lecture:           Francis X Diebold, University of Pennsylvania, “Asset Return Volatility, High-Frequency Data, and the New Financial Econometrics”

President’s Lecture:       Ariel Rubinstein, Tel Aviv University, “Dilemmas of an Economic Theorist”

2003 Australasia Meeting, University of New South Wales

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Ricardo Caballero, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Emerging Markets”

E.J. Hannan Lecture:       Donald Andrews, Yale University, “Cross-section Regression with Common Shocks”

Colin Clark Lecture:         John McMillan, Stanford University, “Market Design and Its Limits”

President’s Lecture:       Eric Maskin, Institute for Advanced Study, “Bargaining, Coalitions, Externalities”

Invited Lectures:

Christina Paxson, Princeton University, Invited Lecture on Health, “Health and Human Capital Over the Lifecycle”
Guido Imbens, University of California, Berkeley, Invited Lecture on Semiparametric Estimation, “Semiparametric Estimation of Average Treatment Effects under Exogeneity”

2002 Australasia Meeting, Queensland University of Technology

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Lawrence Christiano, Northwestern University

E.J. Hannan Lecture: James D Hamilton, University of California at San Diego, “Normalization in Econometrics”

Colin Clark Lecture: Paul Klemperer, Nuffield College, Oxford, “Using and Abusing Economic Theory”

President’s Lecture: Guy Laroque, INSEE-CREST and Ecole Polytechnique, “Income Maintenance and Labor Force Participation”

Invited Lectures:

Kenneth Judd, Hoover Institution, Stanford, Invited Lecture in Computational Economics, “Computation: can it be trusted?”
John Y Campbell, Harvard, Invited Lecture in Financial Econometrics, “Efficient Tests of Stock Return Predictability”
David Hendry, Nuffield College, Oxford, Invited Lecture on Computer-automated Model Specification Search, “New Developments in Automatic General-to-specific Modelling”

2001 Australasia Meeting, University of Auckland

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Steven Durlauf, University of Wisconsin, “A Framework for the Study of Individual Behavior and Social Interactions”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Joel Horowitz, University of Iowa, “Bootstrap Methods for Time Series”

Colin Clark Lecture: John Geanakoplos, Yale University, “Default and Punishment”

President’s Lecture: Avinash Dixit, Princeton University, “On Modes of Economic Governance”

Invited Lectures:

Tony Atkinson, University of Oxford, Alfred Cowles Lecture, “Data Matters: A Case Study of the Long-Run Distribution of Income”
Joon Park, Seoul National University, Econometric Theory Invited Lecture, “Nonstationary Nonlinearity: An Outlook for New Opportunities”
Danny Quah, London School of Economics, Journal of Applied Econometrics Invited Lecture, “Some Simple Arithmetic on How Income Inequality and Growth Matter”
John Rust, Yale University, New Zealand Treasury Invited Lecture, “Econometrics of Social Insurance”
Maurice Obstfeld, University of California, Berkeley, Reserve Bank of New Zealand Invited Lecture, “International Macroeconomics: Beyond the Mundell-Fleming Model”
Jean-Jacques Laffont, Institut D'Economie Industrielle, Centre for Research in Network Economics and Communications Invited Lecture, “Internet Interconnection and the Off-Net-Cost Pricing Principle”
Ken Burdett, University of Essex, University of Auckland Foundation Invited Lecture, “Contracts and Equilibrium Search”

1999 Australasia Meeting, University of Technology, Sydney

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Darrell Duffie, Stanford University, A.W. Phillips Lecture, “Modeling and Valuation of Default Risk”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Chris Sims, Princeton University, “Using Models that Drift and Break”

Colin Clark Lecture: Roger Farmer, UCLA and European University Institute, “Two New Keynesian Theories of Sticky Prices”

Marschak Lecture: Jean Francois Richard, University of Pittsburgh, “Empirical Game Theoretic Models: Simulation and Estimation”

President’s Lecture: Robert Wilson, Stanford University, “Market Architecture”

Invited Lectures:

Christian Gourieroux, CREST-INSEE, “Nonlinear Canonical Analysis with Financial Applications”

1998 Australasia Meeting, Australian National University

A.W. Phillips Lecture: Mark Watson, Princeton University, “Forecasting Inflation”

E.J. Hannan Lecture: Richard Blundell, University College London and Institute for Fiscal Studies, “Semiparametric Estimation and Consumer Behaviour”

Colin Clark Lecture: R Preston McAfee, University of Texas at Austin, “”Auctioning the Right to Compete”

Invited Lectures:

James A Mirrlees, Cambridge University, “Uncertain Economic Growth”
Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Auctions with Multi-Unit Demands”
Geoffrey Luther, Australian Communications Authority, “The Australian Experience With Spectrum Auctions
George J Mailath, University of Pennsylvania, “Poor Information Can Be Valuable”
Flavio Menezes, The Australian National University, “Auctions With Single-Unit Demands”
Andrew Postlewaite, University of Pennsylvania, “Social Arrangements and Economic Behaviour”
Neil Shephard, University of Oxford, “Aggregation and Model Construction for Volatility Models”
Allan Timmermann, University of California, San Diego, “Structure Breaks, Incomplete Information and Stock Prices”

1997 Australasia Meeting, University of Melbourne

A.W. Phillips Lecture:     Robert Engle, University of California, San Diego, “The Econometrics of Ultra-High Frequency Data”

E.J. Hannan Lecture:       Peter C B Phillips, Yale University, “Developments on Hannan Regression”

Colin Clark Lecture:         Leonid Hurwicz, University of Minnesota, “Designing Mechanisms and Modeling Institutions”

Invited Lectures:

Esfandiar Maasoumi, Southern Methodist University, “Statistical Evaluation and Comparison of Welfare Situations”

Graciella Chichilnisky, Columbia University, “Endogenous Uncertainty: Theory and Policy”

John Ledyard, Cal-Tech joint with Ehud Kalai, Northwestern University, ”Repeated Implementation”

Roger Craine, University of California Berkeley, “The Conditional Equity Premium Puzzle”

Grayham Mizon, European University Institute Florence, “Congruence and Encompassing”

Charles Plott, CalTech, “Laboratory Experimental Methods and the Design of markets for Information Collection and Aggregation”

John Geweke, University of Minnesota, “Bayesian Econometric Models: Using Simulation Methods for Inference, Development and Communication”

1996 Australasia Meeting, University of Western Australia

A.W. Phillips Lecture:     Arie Kapteyn, Tilburg University, “On Labor Supply”

Colin Clark Lecture:         Elhanan Helpman, Tel Aviv University, “Policy Formulation with Special Interest Politics”

Marschak Lecture:           Ronald Gallant, University of North Carolina, “Efficient Method of Moments with Application to the Estimation of Stochastic Differential Equations”

Invited Lectures:

Herman K van Dijk, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, “Distribution and Mobility of Wealth of nations:  Is there Survival of the Rich and Catching-up of the Poor?”

1994 Australasia Meeting, University of New England

A.W. Phillips Lecture:     Jean-Jacques Laffont, Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse, “Collusion and Organisational Design”

Colin Clark Lecture:         John Geweke, University of Minnesota, “Bayesian Comparison of Econometric Models”

Invited Lectures:

Wayne A Fuller, Iowa State University, “Alternative Tests for Unit Root Models”

1993 Australasia Meeting, University of Sydney

A.W. Phillips Lecture:     Peter Robinson, London School of Economics, “Semiparametric Inference on Long Memory”

Invited Lectures:

Hal Varian, University of Michigan, “A Solution to the Problem of Externalities When Agents Are Well-informed”

Hashem Pesaran, Cambridge University, “Cointegration and Speed of Convergence to Equilibrium”

1992 Australasia Meeting, Monash University

A.W. Phillips Lecture:     Clive Granger, University of California, San Diego, and Monash University

‘Strategies for Nonlinear Time Series Relationships’

Marschak Lecture:           Mervyn King, Bank of England

‘Information and the Volatility of Stock Markets’

Invited Lectures:

Robert G King, University of Rochester, “Quantitative Theory”

Whitney Newey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Monash University, “Nonparametric Demand and Welfare Analysis”

1991 Australasia Meeting, University of New South Wales

A.W. Phillips Lecture:     Daniel McFadden, M.I.T. and University of California, “Estimation by Simulation”

Invited Lectures:

Sherwin Rosen, University of Chicago, “Contracts and the market for Executives”

Robert Engle, University of California, San Diego and Visiting Professor, University of New South Wales, “Testing for Common Features”

1989 Australasia Meeting, University of New England

A.W. Phillips Lecture:     David Hendry, Oxford University, “Testing for the Lucas Critique”

Invited Lectures:

Peter Schmidt, Michigan State University, “Testing for Unit Roots in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters”

Stephen J Turnovsky, University of Washington, “The Intertemporal Optimizing Approach to International Macroeconomics: An Overview”

1988 Australasia Meeting, Australian National University

A.W. Phillips Lecture:     John B Taylor, Stanford University, “Monetary Policy and the Stability of Macroeconomic Relationships”

Marschak Lecture:           Jerry Hausman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Nonlinear Errors in Variables: Estimation of Some Engle Curves”

President’s Lecture:       Anthony B Atkinson, President of the Econometric Society, London School of Economics, “The Economics of Unemployment Insurance”

Invited Lectures:

Edward E Leamer, University of California, Los Angeles, “Planning Criticism and Revision”

M Hashem Pesaran, University of Cambridge, “On the Volatility and Efficiency of Stock Prices”

Jean-Jacques Laffont, Université de Toulouse, “Hidden Gaming in Hierarchies”

Robert B Wilson, Stanford University and John Kennan, University of Iowa, “Game-theoretic Models of Bargaining and Interpretation of Strike Data”

1987 Australasia Meeting, University of Canterbury

Invited Lectures:

Peter C B Phillips, Yale University, “Partially Identified Econometric Models”

Franklin M Fisher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Games Economists Play: A Non-Cooperative View”

Kenneth F Wallis, University of Warwick, “Macroeconometric Models: Performance and Prospect”

John G Riley, University of California-Los Angeles, “The New Microeconomics: A Bountiful but Bittersweet Harvest”

1986 Australasia Meeting, University of Melbourne

Invited Lectures:

John Geweke, Duke University, “Exact Inference in Dynamic Econometric Models”

Avinash Dixit, Princeton University, “Issues of Strategic Trade Policies for Small Countries”

1984 Australasia Meeting, University of Sydney

Invited Lectures:             

Michael Rothschild, University of California, San Diego, “Asset Pricing Models”

James Heckman, University of Chicago, “Alternative Methods of Estimating the Effect of Training on Earnings”

Angus Deaton, Princeton University, “Welfare Economics and Welfare Econometrics”

Denis Sargan, London School of Economics, “The Dynamics Specification of Econometric Models”

1983 Australasia Meeting, Australian National University

Invited Lectures:

Erwin Diewert, University of British Columbia, “Measuring the Deadweight Loss in an Open Economy”

Hal White, University of California, San Diego, “Instrumental Variable Analogues of Generalized Least Squares Estimators”