Nomination and Election of Fellows

Nomination of Fellows

Fellows Nomination Form

Eligibility to nominate: Any member of the Econometric Society may nominate candidates for Fellow. Nominations are accepted only via the electronic nomination form listed herein. Once you enter a candidate's name, if that candidate has already been nominated, you will receive an automatic message and will not be able to continue completing the ballot. Nevertheless, if you would like to become an endorser, please write to Lyn Hogan at [email protected].

(Step 1) Initiate a nomination by completing a nomination form:  
The information required includes the name, position and email address of the nominee; his or her service to the Econometric Society (most noteworthy service to the Econometric Society includes editorial responsibilities, conference organization, or Econometric Society committee membership but excludes publications in the Society journals, invited or contributed presentations at its conferences, and refereeing or assessment of papers); a six-item bibliography in the format below; and a nomination statement (maximum 125 words*) that summarizes the main scientific achievements of the nominee. Bibliography format example: “Inflation Expectations and Firm Decisions: New Causal Evidence” (with Olivier Coibion and Tiziano Ropele), Quarterly Journal of Economics, (2020), 135, 165–219.  

Important note: After submitting the nomination, you will be able to log back in and change the information on the form as many times as necessary until nominations close on April 15.

(Step 2) Invite endorsements: You will be instructed how to do this once you have submitted a nomination form. Not more than 10 endorsers, including the initiator, can be listed on the nomination form distributed with the ballot, but regardless, the total number of endorsements will be noted on the ballot and saved in the database. If more than 10 names are received, the initiator will select the subset of names to appear on the form. If Y endorsements are received, then the phrase "plus X additional endorsements" will appear on the form, where X=Y-10. For more details see Section 5 of the Rules and Procedures. 

Important note: In order for a candidate to automatically appear on the ballot, at least three Fellows must endorse him or her. Otherwise, the Nominating Committee for Fellows will determine whether the candidate will appear on the ballot.

Deadline: The deadline for submitting nomination endorsements is April 15.

Nominate a candidate.

Election of Fellows

Active Fellows are eligible to vote in the Econometric Society Election of Fellows, and Officers and Council. 

Active Fellows will receive an email on how to access the electronic ballot during the election period. Please contact [email protected] with any questions about the electronic ballot.