Sonnenschein Service Prize

First awarded in 2024, the Sonnenschein Service Prize is awarded annually to at most two recipients to recognize outstanding service to the economics profession and/or the Econometric Society.  The selection is made by a committee chaired by the President of the Society and consisting of the chairs of the six Regional Standing Committees.

Winners of the Sonnenschein Service Prize and their selection committees are as follows:

The 2024 inaugural Sonnenschein Service Prize for service to the Econometric Society and the profession at large was awarded to Andreu Mas-Colell. (Selection Committee: Aureo de Paula, Richard Holden, Nobuhiro Kyotaki, Yaw Nyarko, Jean-Charles Rochet, Eliana La Ferrara-chair). For information on Andreu Mas-Colell's long history of service, please click here.