Arrow Prize

First awarded in 2024, the Arrow Prize is presented biennially for the best paper in economic theory published in Econometrica in any of the previous four calendar years. The recipient is chosen by a committee appointed by the President of the Society according to the procedures stated in the Society’s Rules and Procedures. Committee members with a conflict of interest must recuse themselves from the relevant deliberations. Current Co-Editors or the Editor of Econometrica and current Officers of the Econometric Society are not eligible for the prize.

Winners of the Arrow Prize and their selection committees are as follows:

The 2024 Prize was awarded to Laura Doval and Vasiliki Skreta for their paper, "Mechanism Design with Limited Commitment”, (Econometrica, Vol. 90, No. 4, July 2022, 1463-1500). (Selection Committee: Alexander Wolitzky (chair), Amanda Friedenberg, Itzhak Gilboa, Marzena Rostek, Andy Skrzypacz, and Juuso Välimäki)