Council (2023)

All voting and non-voting members of the Executive Committee (EC) listed under the EC tab are part of the Council.
(*) The starred Council members below are elected by the Council as representatives to the Executive Committee.


Yaw Nyarko (2026)
New York University


Xiaohong Chen (2023)
Yale University

Hidehiko Ichimura (2023)
University Of Arizona and
University Of Tokyo

Michihiro Kandori (2023)
University Of Tokyo

*Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (2023)
Princeton University


Richard Holden (2026)
University of New South Wales

Europe And Other Areas

Oriana Bandiera (2023)
London School Of Economics

Gabrielle Demange (2023)
Paris School Of Economics

Jan Eeckhout (2025)
Univesitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Itzhak Gilboa (2023)
Tel-Aviv University and HEC, Paris

Paul Klemperer (2023)
Nuffield College, Oxford University

*Hélène Rey (2023)
London Business School

Jean-Marc Robin (2024)
Sciences Po and UCL

Latin America

Aureo de Paula (2025)
University College London

North America

*Joseph G. Altonji (2025 Council and At-large)
Yale University

*Dirk Bergemann (2024)
Yale University

Steve Berry (2024)
Yale University

Amy Finkelstein (2024)

Kate Ho (2024)
Princeton University

George J. Mailath (2023)
University of Pennsylvania

Monika Piazzesi (2024)
Stanford University