Theoretical Economics

Theoretical Economics publishes research in all areas of economic theory. We welcome submissions in both pure and applied theory. Papers with empirical or experimental content will be considered, though a paper must contain a substantial and innovative theoretical component to be accepted. A paper that is based on a short paper in a conference volume must meet the same criterion. That is, it must make a significant and innovative contribution to the literature, where the literature includes the short paper. In particular, a paper that consists primarily of the exposition and proofs of results published in a conference volume typically does not satisfy the criterion. We have no maximum or minimum restriction on the length of papers, but have no separate section for “notes.”

Theoretical Economics aims to be the leading field journal in economic theory. We seek papers comparable to the best theoretical papers in the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of Economic Theory, and Games and Economic Behavior.

An important goal of Theoretical Economics is to speed the review process. In particular, we aim to have papers go through at most two rounds of refereeing. In light of this goal, a paper judged to be unlikely to be acceptable by a second round will be rejected, either without consultation with referees or in response to referee reports.

Theoretical Economics is open access, so all content is freely available. The journal is indexed by the Social Sciences Citation Index.

The journal is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals, maintained by Lund University Libraries. This listing means that the journal should be listed in the catalog of your institution's library (see for example the listing in the library of the University of Toronto). If the journal is not listed in the catalog of your institution's library, we encourage you to request that it be listed.

Edited by: Ran Spiegler
Print ISSN: 1933-6837
Online ISSN: 1555-7561
Issues per Volume: Four issues per year
Current Volume: 15