Regions and Meeting Planning

Planning Documents ​for Program Chairs and Local Organizers:

Econometric Society Countries by Region

Named Lectures Regional Rotation Schedule

Note: How-to Plan a Meeting Document currently being updated.

Regional Standing Committee Elections

Nominations for the Regional Standing Committee elections are held annually between October 1 and October 15.

The nomination period is announced via email from the Society. When nominations are open, you may nominate any member of the Society (yourself included) for election on your Regional Standing Committee. Fellows with a secondary affiliation in another Region may also nominate a member in that Region, and be elected in that Region.

Membership is required to nominate and you will be asked to login with your membership details to authenticate your status. First select the name of your nominee from the list. Fellows with two regional affiliations, select the region in which you wish to nominate to see the respective members of that region. You may nominate as many members as you like in any region in which you are affiliated.

After the nomination period closes, you will receive an email to vote. If you have any trouble with your membership login please contact the Society's General Manager at [email protected].