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Replicate papers published at the Econometric Society journals

Searching for papers to reproduce or replicate? Econometrica and Quantitative Economics have been providing replication packages as supplementary material alongside their papers on their websites for quite some time. As of July 2023, with the appointment of the first Data Editor of the Econometric Society, the Society and its three journals, Econometrica, Quantitative Economics, and Theoretical Economics, have implemented a comprehensive policy to ensure reproducibility of all papers containing empirical, experimental, and/or simulation results. Once the papers undergo rigorous checks for reproducibility, their corresponding replication packages are made available to the public through the Econometric Society Journals' Community at Zenodo.

If you try to replicate a paper in any of the Econometric Society journals and have trouble reproducing or replicating the results of the  paper, contact us at [email protected].