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Welcome to the ES Data Editor website!

This website provides all the relevant information regarding the Data and Code Availability Policy and pre-acceptance reproducibility checks implemented at the journals of the ES: Econometrica, Quantitative Economics, and Theoretical Economics. In the different sections of this website you will find the following information:

Before you submit

Read the ES Data and Code Availability Policy and make sure you comply with all the journals' requirements before you submit your paper for the first time. Learn about when you can be eligible for an exemption to the policy and how to apply for it. If you don't request the exemption at the time of first submission, you will not be able to do it later!

Prepare the package

Find here some guidance on how to prepare and submit your replication package as well as some additional advice on best practices for reproducible research. You can also find some information about our pre-acceptance reproducibility checks.

Reproduce and replicate

Searching for papers to reproduce or replicate? This section provides information on where you can find the replication packages of the papers published in the ES journals. Replication packages of papers conditionally accepted after July 1st 2023 are deposited at the Econometric Society Journals' Community at Zenodo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still have some questions? Find some answers in our list of frequently asked questions.

Contact the Data Editor

Find the contact information of our Data Editor.