Asia Standing Committee

Atsushi Kajii, Council, 2016-2019
Kyoto University


Standing Committee Members


Yeon-koo Che, Elected, 2016-2019
Columbia University

Been-Lon Chen, Elected, 2019-2022
Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Xiaohong Chen, Elected, 2019-2021
China Representative
Yale University

Jin-Chuan Duan, Elected, 2017-2020
National University of Singapore

Fumio Hayashi, Elected, Council, 2016-2019
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Jinwoo Kim, Elected, 2017-2020
Seoul National University

Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Elected, 2016-2019
Princeton University

Hitoshi Matsushima, Elected, Council, 2016-2019
The University of Tokyo

Dilip Mookherjee, Elected, At-Large, 2019-2022
Boston University

Jessica Pan, Elected, 2019-2022
National University of Singapore and Institute of Labor Economics

Wing Chuen Suen, Elected, 2017-2020
The University of Hong Kong


Shiyi Chen, Program Chair 2018 China, 2017-2019
Fudan University​

In Choi, Program Chair 2018 Asia, 2017-2019
Sogang University​

Shuaizhang Feng, Program Chair 2019 China, 2018-2020
Institute for Economic and Social Research
Jinan University

Yongmiao Hong, Program Chair 2019 Asia, 2018-2020
Cornell University