New Papers Posted to Econometrica’s Forthcoming Page

The following papers have been accepted and posted to Econometrica’s forthcoming page and may be viewed here

Risk Preferences and the Macroeconomic Announcement Premium
Hengjie Ai and Ravi Bansal

Really Uncertain Business Cycles
Nicholas Bloom, Max Floetotto, Nir Jaimovich, Itay Saporta-Eksten and Stephen J. Terry

The Welfare Effects of Vertical Integration in Multichannel Television Markets
Gregory S. Crawford, Robin S. Lee, Michael D. Whinston, and Ali Yurukoglu

Learning and Type Compatibility in Signalling Games
Drew Fudenberg and Kevin He

Strategic Trading in Informationally Complex Environments
Nicolas S. Lambert, Michael Ostrovsky, and Mikhail Panov


Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 22, 2018