Econometrica: May 2003, Volume 71, Issue 3

Residual‐Based Block Bootstrap for Unit Root Testing
p. 813-855

Efstathios Paparoditis, Dimitris N. Politis

A nonparametric, residual‐based block bootstrap procedure is proposed in the context of testing for integrated (unit root) time series. The resampling procedure is based on weak assumptions on the dependence structure of the stationary process driving the random walk and successfully generates unit root integrated pseudo‐series retaining the important characteristics of the data. It is more general than previous bootstrap approaches to the unit root problem in that it allows for a very wide class of weakly dependent processes and it is not based on any parametric assumption on the process generating the data. As a consequence the procedure can accurately capture the distribution of many unit root test statistics proposed in the literature. Large sample theory is developed and the asymptotic validity of the block bootstrap‐based unit root testing is shown via a bootstrap functional limit theorem. Applications to some particular test statistics of the unit root hypothesis, i.e., least squares and Dickey‐Fuller type statistics are given. The power properties of our procedure are investigated and compared to those of alternative bootstrap approaches to carry out the unit root test. Some simulations examine the finite sample performance of our procedure.

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