Supplement to "Voting Technology, Political Responsiveness, and Infant Health: Evidence from Brazil"

This supplement is organized as follows. Section A further describes both the paper and electronic voting technologies. Section B provides RDD-based estimates of the effect of electronic voting (EV) on further political outcomes. Section C discusses the validity of the RDD, including the results from additional robustness checks. Section D presents the effect of EV on party seat shares, based on state-level data, while Section E reports on a similar exercise on the levels of state spending. Section F describes the classification of public state spending, and provides estimates of EV's effect on multiple categories of spending. Section G illustrates the effect of EV on the distribution of the number of pre-natal visits. Sections H and I assess the role of outliers in driving the results.  Section J illustrates the effects of electronic voting dynamically. Finally, Section K provides instrumental variable estimates of the effects of EV.

Supplemental Authors: 
Fujiwara, Thomas - Princeton University