Supplement to "Identifying Effects of Multivalued Treatments"

Appendix A gives an identification result for the zero-index case, which was not dealt with in the text. It also provides a characterization of Heckman and Pinto's unordered monotonicity property as a subcase of our more general framework. Appendix B collects proofs of some of the results in the main text. Finally, Appendix C fills in the details of the entry game introduced in Section 2, and Appendix D compares our results with those of Heckman, Urzua, and Vytlacil (2008) in more detail. Appendix E discusses a more general form of threshold conditions than the "rectangular"
threshold conditions in Assumption 2.1.

Supplemental Authors: 
Lee, Sokbae - Columbia University
SalaniƩ, Bernard - Columbia University
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