Executive Committee Minutes 2014, Toulouse


Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting

Toulouse, France, August 24-25, 2014


Manuel Arellano, President
Robert Porter, First Vice-President
Eddie Dekel, Second Vice-President
James J. Heckman, Past President
Matthew Jackson, At-Large Member of the Executive Committee
Margaret Meyer, At-Large Member of the Executive Committee
Larry Samuelson, At-Large Member of the Executive Committee
George Mailath, Editor of Theoretical Economics
Rosa Matzkin, Editor of Quantitative Economics
Bernard Salanié, Executive Vice-President

Guest: Olav Bjerkholt, History of the Econometric Society initiative

Attended only on August 24:
Daron Acemoglu, Editor of Econometrica
Hidehiko Ichimura, At-Large Member of the Executive Committee
Claire Sashi, General Manager

Arellano opened the meeting. Acemoglu, Ichimura and Sashi were on conference call on August 24; they were excused for August 25.

Minutes of the January 2014 Meeting

1. The minutes of the January 2014 meeting in Philadelphia were approved without change.

Disclosure agreement for submissions to the Society’s journals

2. The Executive Committee APPROVED the text of the Econometric Society Disclosure Policy.

Report of the Editor of Econometrica

3. Acemoglu presented the report of the editor of Econometrica. There was discussion on the field categories of paper submissions for trending purposes. The statistics for paper revisions were reviewed.

4. The Executive Committee discussed the issue of ethical standards and disclosure policies for papers that involve experiments on human subjects. The Society’s policy is closely modeled on that of the American Economic Association and its disclosure policy was adopted at the January 2013 San Diego meeting of the Executive Committee. US institutions are required to have an Institutional Review Board (IRB) on human participants. The Executive Committee discussed how to deal with experimental papers that come from institutions outside the US that do not require an IRB procedure. It was AGREED that the Society would take the IRB standard as the norm, and that any research that comes from a non-IRB institution would meet the IRB standard. Authors from a non-IRB institution would be directed to IRB websites and asked to ensure that the standards have been met.

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