Changes in Publication of Econometric Society Journals

Starting in 2024, Econometrica, Quantitative Economics, and Theoretical Economics, will be (with exceptions noted below) online only. Online-only subscriptions now make up 90% of all Society memberships and it is not cost effective or environmentally desirable to retain print editions.

There are two exceptions to this policy. First, some library subscriptions to Econometrica will continue to include print volumes.

Second, there will be a "Print on Demand" option to purchase a printed volume of Econometrica at an extra charge. Members will have the option of making this purchase at a significant discount relative to the usual price of this option. More details will be available on our website later.

Econometrica will continue to be available to members on our website and in the Wiley Online Library and QE and TE will continue to be open access journals with free availability through our website as well as in the Wiley Online Library.