Announcing New Econometric Society Prizes and Lectures Series

We are pleased to announce the addition of three new prizes and three new lectures series sponsored by the Econometric Society.

The three new prizes are the Arrow Prize, the Haavelmo Prize, and the Sonnenschein Service Prize. The three added lectures series are the Blackwell-Robinson Omnibus Lectures (for interdisciplinary/cross-field research), the Lewis-Ostrom Lectures in Applied Economics, and the Lucas-Modigliani Lectures in Macroeconomics and Finance.

The first two new prizes parallel the Frisch Medal. First awarded in 1978, the Frisch Medal is presented every other year for the best applied economics paper in Econometrica in the previous four years.

The Arrow Prize will be given to the best theory paper in Econometrica in the past four years, while the Haavelmo Prize will be awarded to the best econometrics paper in Econometrica over that period. The Frisch Medal, Arrow Prize, and Haavelmo Prize will be given in even-numbered years, with the latter two being awarded for the first time in 2024.

The third new award, the Sonnenschein Service Prize, will be given in recognition of extraordinary service to the Econometric Society or the profession at large. It will be awarded every year, starting in 2024, with the recipient chosen by the President of the Society and the chairs of the six Regional Standing Committees.  Members are encouraged to bring to the attention of their Regional Standing Committee the names of individuals whom they see as good candidates for the prize.

The three new lecture series join our three existing series so that now every region's primary meeting will feature one lecture series, starting in 2026. The lectures already in place are the Griliches Lectures in Applied Economics, the Hotelling Lectures in Economic Theory, and the Sargan Lectures in Econometrics.

We thank the many members who offered helpful suggestions for the names of the lectures and we look forward their launch!