2022 European Winter Meeting, Berlin


We are pleased to announce that the European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society is now open for registration.

The meeting will take place on-site from December 16th – 18th, hosted by the Berlin School of Economics at Humboldt University Berlin.

Please visit the Oxford Abstract website at https://app.oxfordabstracts.com/events/3440/registrations/new to register for the conference.
The registration fee is $255 for presenters. Presenters must register before November 1st in order for their paper to appear on the programme.
Attendees without a paper presentation can register until November 30th. The registration fee for non-presenters is $55.

Plenary Speakers
Christian Dustmann (UCL)
Jan Eeckhout (University of Pompeo Fabra and Barcelona School of Economics)
Ekaterina Zhuravskaya (Paris School of Economics)

Please visit the conference website https://berlinschoolofeconomics.de/insights/european-winter-meeting-of-the-econometric-society-2022 for updates. For further information, please contact the conference coordinator, Ritu Johorey, at [email protected].

Authors may join the Society at https://www.econometricsociety.org/user/register.

Scientific Programme Committee

Chair: Uta Schönberg (University College London, UK)

Behavioural and Experimental Economics
Yves Breitmoser. University of Bielefeld, Germany
Terri Kneeland. University College London, UK
Nora Szech. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Berlin Social Science Centre, Germany

Development Economics
Tessa Bold. Institute of International Economic Studies, Sweden
Stefano Caria. Warwick University, UK
Pauline Rossi. Ecole Polytechnique-CREST, France

Econometrics and Applied Econometrics
Koen Jochmans. Toulouse School of Economics, France
Christoph Rothe. Mannheim University, Germany
Julia Schaumburg. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

Economic Theory
Sarah Auster. University of Bonn, Germany
Francesc Dilme. University of Bonn, Germany
Daniel Garrett. University of Essex, UK
Galina Zudenkova. University of Dortmund, Germany

Victoria Vanasco. Barcelona School of Economics, Spain)
Julien Sauvagnat. Bocconi University, Italy
Ming Yang. University College London, UK

Industrial Organisation
Andrea Pozzi. Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, Italy
Mathias Reynaert. Toulouse School of Economics, France
David Ronayne. ESMT Berlin, Germany

International Trade and International Economics
Kirill Borousyak. University College London, UK
Andreas Moxnes. University of Oslo, Norway
Carolina Villegas Sanchez. ESADE, Spain

Labor, Public and Urban Economics
Barbara Biasi. Einudi Institute for Economics and Finance, Italy and Yale School of Management, USA
Manudeep Bhuller. University of Oslo, Norway
Francois Gerard. Queen Mary University, UK
Ines Helm. Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany
Hyejin Ku. University College London, UK
David Seim. Stockholm University, Sweden

Saleem Bahaj. University College London, UK
Zsofia Barany. Central European University, Austria
Sebastian Findeisen. University of Konstanz, Germany
Basile Grassi. Bocconi University, Italy
Moritz Kuhn. University of Bonn, Germany
Federica Romei. Oxford University, UK

Political Economy and Economic History
Thiemo Fetzer. Warwick University, UK
Erik Hornung. University of Cologne, Germany
Mara Squicciarini. Bocconi University, Italy

For further information, please contact the conference coordinator, [email protected].