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To submit a paper, at least one of the authors of the paper has to be a member of the Econometric Society. If none of the authors is a member of the Econometric Society, please join at /membership.

Additional fees outlined here

Papers must be submitted as pdf files; the size of the text font must be at least 12 point and the spacing should be 1.5 or double spaced. Please include each figure and table on the relevant page in the paper; do not collect figures and tables at the end of the paper. The list of references should appear after any appendices, at the very end of the paper. Econometric Society journals do not permit the use of \textcircled{r} to indicate that authors have been selected according to certified random order. Authors are free to indicate their relative contributions and the methods that they used to determine author order in a footnote. Citations to articles in the text and references will strive to respect the designation of authors and author order used by those articles.

Please do not use asterisks or bold face to denote statistical significance. We encourage authors to report standard errors and coverage sets or confidence intervals.  Authors may retrieve a LaTeX template and sample files from the journal's support page https://www.e-publications.org/es/support/

Authors must post their submission on a publicly available website. (Editors may grant exceptions to this policy.)

In an effort to prevent plagiarism, the Econometric Society subscribes to Similarity Check to screen its submissions. Similarity Check has a "database of current and archival scholarly literature" and uses the iThenticate tool to "compare authored work against the content in the database and highlight matching or similar text for further editorial review." Submission to ES journals implies permission of the Society to check the submission electronically for plagiarism, using the Similarity Check system.

A letter of submission need not be included unless it contains information pertinent to the review process. If the author has submitted related work elsewhere, or does so during the term in which Quantitative Economics is considering the manuscript, then it is the author's responsibility to provide Quantitative Economics with details. If the submission is on a topic related to earlier rejected submission to Quantitative Economics, the author should describe the relation and explain why he/she believes it is sufficient distinct to merit independent review.

References cited in all published papers must be published, available in a stable public archive (like SSRN), or provided by the authors of the manuscript at the time of final publication. (Editors may grant exceptions to this policy.)

The editorial process at Quantitative Economics is completely independent of that at Econometrica. However, if your paper has been previously rejected by Econometrica, in our submission process you have the option of requesting the transfer of the coeditor's decision letter, referees' reports, and referees' covering letters directly from Econometrica to us. (This transfer is completely optional. Not revealing that you previously submitted your paper to Econometrica is perfectly fine.) Note there is a presumption that we will consult referees different from the ones consulted by the Econometrica coeditor. If you do request that the reports be transferred from Econometrica, then you must provide a cover letter describing how your submission differs from the paper reviewed by Econometrica and, in detail, how you have responded to the referees' comments. If we use the same referees, your description of your responses will be forwarded to them.

In the ordinary course of events, we expect authors who are offered the opportunity to submit a revised version of their paper to return it within one year. If a paper is returned after two years there will be no presumption that it will be sent to the original Co-Editor (especially if he/she has left the board.)

The Econometric Society has a replication policy for all three of its journals.  Please visit the Data Editor website for indepth information on expectations for our reproducibility here

The Society has the right to retract a published paper in the event of (i) a breach of warranties stated in the copyright form, (ii) any substantive errors, or (iii) evidence of scientific misconduct or other fraudulent actions. A committee of the three journal Editors and current sitting President for the Society will be formed to evaluate and decide the proposed retraction. More information concerning retraction guidelines of the Committee of Publication Ethics can be found here.

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