Forthcoming Articles

The following papers have been accepted and will appear in future issues of Econometrica. The links below lead to the final accepted papers in their working paper formats. The papers will be copyedited and typeset for publication.

Take the Short Route: Equilibrium Default and Debt Maturity

Aguiar, Mark, Manuel Amador, Hugo Hopenhayn and Iván Werning

Understanding Preferences: “Demand Types”, and the Existence of Equilibrium with Indivisibilities

Baldwin, Elizabeth, and Paul Klemperer

Equilibria under Knightian Price Uncertainty

Beissner, Patrick, and Frank Riedel

Mechanisms with Evidence: Commitment and Robustness

Ben-Porath, Elchanan, Eddie Dekel, and Barton L. Lipman

Social Networks, Reputation, and Commitment: Evidence from a Savings Monitors Experiment

Breza, Emily, and Arun G. Chandrasekhar

Trading Votes for Votes. A Dynamic Theory

Casella, Alessandra, and Thomas Palfrey

Stable Matching in Large Economies

Che, Yeon-Koo, Jinwoo Kim, and Fuhito Kojima

From Aggregate Betting Data to Individual Risk Preferences

Chiappori, Pierre-André, Bernard Salanié, François Salanié, and Amit Gandhi

The Myopic Stable Set for Social Environments

Demuynck, Thomas, P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Riccardo D. Saulle, and Christian Seel

Career and Family Decisions: Cohorts born 1935 – 1975

Eckstein, Zvi, Michael Keane, and Osnat Lifshitz

Consistent Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood Estimators and Groups of Transformations

Gouriéroux, Christian, Alain Monfort, and Jean-Michel Zakoian

The Interval Structure of Optimal Disclosure

Guo, Yingni, and Eran Shmaya

Measureable Selection for Purely Atomic Games

Hellman, Ziv, and Yehuda John Levy

Optimal Development Policies with Financial Frictions

Itskhoki, Oleg, and Benjamin Moll

On Heckits, LATE, and Numerical Equivalence

Kline, Patrick and Christopher R. Walters

Peer-Confirming Equilibrium

Lipnowski, Elliot, and Evan Sadler

Engel’s Law in the Global Economy: Demand-Induced Patterns of Structural Change, Innovation, and Trade

Matsuyama, Kiminori