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Supplemental Material

Econometrica - Volume 82, Issue 3

Supplement to "Trade Liberalization and Labor Market Dynamics"

This web appendix presents additional details and analyses which complement the main paper.  The reader will find details regarding the estimation procedure, including how standard errors were computed.  The reader will also find goodness of fit analyses and simulations that complement those in the main paper.  Finally, the web appendix describes how sectors were defined and provides a brief analysis of reallocation following Brazilian trade reform, which corroborates previously published results.

Supplement to "Trade Liberalization and Labor Market Dynamics"

This zip file contains replication files for the manuscript.

Supplement to "Dynamic Financial Constraints: Distinguishing Mechanism Design from Exogenously Incomplete Regimes"

In this appendix we formulate, solve, and estimate two additional mechanism design models: a model with unobserved capital and investment and a model with hidden output.

Supplement to "Democracy, Redistribution, and Political Participation: Evidence from Sweden 1919-1938"

In this web appendix we present the results from a number of specification checks regarding bandwidths and order of polynomial (Section A1), imposing the same slope on both sides of the RD threshold (Section A2), expressing the outcome (welfare spending per capita in logarithmic form) in levels (Section A3) and as a total (Section A4), using collapsed data (Section A5), graphical evidence of any discontinuities in pre-treatment characteristics at the threshold (Section A6), and histograms over the forcing variables (Section A7).

Supplement to "Decentralized Trading with Private Information"

Appendix containing proofs omitted from the manuscript.

Supplement to "Certifiable Pre-Play Communication:  Full Disclosure"

In this appendix, we develop a way to construct fully revealing equilibria by working directly with ex post masquerading payoffs, without having to aggregate them.

Supplement to "How Portable is Level-0 Behaviour?  A Test of Level-k Theory in Games with Non-Neutral Frames"

This document provides additional information, data and analysis related to the paper.  The material is divided as follows: Section I: Additional details about the implementation of the experimental design Section II: Screen shots of instructions, quizzes and decision tasks Section III: Additional analysis of position effects Section IV: Analysis restricted to games with neutral connotations Section V: Patterns in Hide and Seek data consistent with 'plausible' level-k models.

Supplement to "Stochastic Choice and Consideration Sets"

This file contains supplemental appendices C and D.