Econometrica: Jul 2022, Volume 90, Issue 4

Optimal Dynamic Information Acquisition
p. 1537-1582

Weijie Zhong

I study a dynamic model in which a decisionā€maker (DM) acquires information about the payoffs of different alternatives prior to making a decision. The model's key feature is the flexibility of information: the DM can choose any dynamic signal process as an information source, subject to a flow cost that depends on the informativeness of the signal. Under the optimal policy, the DM acquires a signal that arrives according to a Poisson process. The optimal Poisson signal confirms the DM's prior belief and is sufficiently precise to warrant immediate action. Over time, given the absence of the arrival of a Poisson signal, the DM continues seeking an increasingly precise but less frequent Poisson signal.

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Supplemental Material

Supplement to "Optimal Dynamic Information Acquisition"

This online appendix contains material not found within the manuscript.

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