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India Development Foundation

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India Development Foundation


India Development Foundation (IDF) conducts independent and in-depth research with the purpose of providing relevant inputs for policy and regulation. Our goal is to enable the transition to an optimal digital economy of India.

Our work is based on economic theory and primary and secondary research. We engage with stakeholders (industry, startups, consumers, experts, government, regulators) on a regular basis. Our recommendations are practical, actionable, backed by evidence, and balanced. Our work covers areas such as digital platform economics, consumer choice, competition and innovation in the digital economy. We also do work in verticals such as media, fintech and health, with a focus on their digital aspects.

We are a 20 year old organization with strong roots in economic research. You can find more information about the organisation at and

We are led by a Governing Council consisting of Mr. R. Chandrashekhar, Professor Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, and Dr. Subho Ray.

Job Description

We have multiple roles. We are looking for an Economist to independently manage Research projects. This will include conceptualising and carrying out research, setting deadlines, planning work to achieve those deadlines, managing research associates, engaging with stakeholders on a regular basis, updating and brainstorming with internal and external teams, and writing research reports. This is a full time role.

We are also looking for top level economists to work with us on an anytime, anywhere, remote model. This will be research based and could include managing the entire research project, or some part of it depending on your availability


Research – (a) theoretical/analytical framing of research (b) primary data collection through stakeholder interactions, surveys, secondary sources (c) analysis of data (d) report preparation and writing (e) communicating research findings through presentations, talks and meetings

Skills required

Theoretical foundation

Economic analysis / Analytical skills

Econometrics/ Data analysis

Written communications - short form and long form

Verbal communications – one-on-one and in a group

Relationship management with internal and external teams

Education and work experience needed

PhD in industrial organisation/competition economics/applied micro-theory/regulatory economics/law and economics. Candidates in the last year of their PhD who are close to completing their programs will also be considered.


MA in Economics with 7 - 8 years of relevant experience

Location - Delhi

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