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March 2007 - Volume 75 Issue 2 - Supplemental Material

Changes in the Distribution of Male and Female Wages Accounting for Employment Composition Using Bounds

Richard Blundell
Amanda Gosling
Hidehiko Ichimura
Costas Meghir

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The Comparative Statics of Constrained Optimization Problems

John K.-H Quah

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Estimating and Testing Structural Changes in Multivariate Regressions

Zhongjun Qu
Pierre Perron

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Ellsberg Revisited: An Experimental Study

Yoram Halevy

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The Collective Model of Household Consumption: A Nonparametric Characterization

Laurens Cherchye
Bram De Rock
Frederic Vermeulen

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Efficient Wald Tests for Fractional Unit Roots

Ignacio N Lobato
Carlos Velasco

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Representing Preferences with a Unique Subjective State Space: A Corrigendum

Eddie Dekel
Barton L Lipman
Aldo Rustichini

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