New Editor of Theoretical Economics

Friday, June 21, 2013

I am delighted that George Mailath will become the Editor of TE when my term ends at the end of June 2013. George's many important contributions to economic theory, his extensive and distinguished editorial experience, his impeccable judgment, his outstanding administrative skills, his dedication to the Theoretical Economics project over the last 10 years, and his irrepressible energy make him the perfect person to lead the journal. I look forward to seeing the journal prosper under his direction!

Martin J. Osborne
Editor, Theoretical Economics

New Econometrica Co-Editors Announced

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As some of you may know, Jim Stock is starting at the Council of Economic Advisers as of September 11, 2012. Government ethics rules prohibit any kind of paid or unpaid outside work, including editorial work, so effective immediately, Jim will cease all his editorial duties at Econometrica. I would first like to take this opportunity to thank him for his dedicated and tireless service to Econometrica, and wish him luck for the next challenge which will be no less than dealing with Econometrica submissions!