New Papers Posted to Econometrica’s Forthcoming Page

The following papers have been accepted and posted to Econometrica’s forthcoming page and may be viewed here: 



Quantitative Analysis of Multi-Party Tariff Negotiations

Kyle Bagwell, Robert W. Staiger, and Ali Yurukoglu


Heterogeneous Choice Sets and Preferences

Levon Barseghyan, Maura Coughlin, Francesca Molinari, and Joshua C. Teitelbaum


A Theory of the Productivity Distribution and Technology Frontier

Jess Benhabib, Jesse Perla, and Christopher Tonetti


An Empirical Model of R&D Procurement Contests: An Analysis of the DOD SBIR Program

Vivek Bhattacharya


Learning with Heterogeneous Misspecified Models: Characterization and Robustness

J. Aislinn Bohren and Daniel N. Hauser


Generalized Local-to-Unity Models

Liyu Dou and Ulrich K. Müller


Extreme Points and Majorization: Economic Applications

Andreas Kleiner, Benny Moldovanu, and Philipp Strack


Bootstrap with Cluster-Dependence in Two or More Dimensions

Menzel, Konrad


The Size-Power Tradeoff in HAR Inference

Eben Lazarus, Daniel J. Lewis, and James H. Stock


Local Projection Inference is Simpler and More Robust Than You Think

José Luis Montiel Olea and Mikkel Plagborg-Møller

Publication Date: 
Monday, March 8, 2021