Submission and Publication Fees Starting September 1, 2020

The Executive Committee of the Econometric Society has approved two modest fees associated with the submission and publication of papers in its three journals: Econometrica, Quantitative Economics and Theoretical Economics.

The following fees will be implemented beginning September 1, 2020 for all original papers submitted after this date: a submission fee of $50 per paper and a publication fee currently set at $10 per page.

Specifically, accepted papers will incur a fixed per page fee for any typeset material, including any approved supplemental appendices. The publication fee will be collected after final proofs but before publication and invoiced at the then-prevailing rate. Recently accepted papers, and any paper submitted before September 1, 2020, will be exempt from the publication fee.

Submission fees will be paid electronically at the time of submission, while publication fees must be paid as a precondition for publication.

The Econometric Society requires membership for first-time submissions and all resubmissions. Invited resubmissions, as well as papers previously reviewed by Econometrica and submitted for transfer to either Quantitative Economics or Theoretical Economics with their Econometrica decision letter and reports are exempt from additional submission fees. In contrast, papers rejected without review will not be refunded their submission fee.

In addition, papers in which all authors reside in countries classified as low-income by the World Bank are exempt from the submission and publication fees. The list of those countries can be found under the heading low-income economies at

The submission and publication process for papers will not otherwise change and instructions will be clear on each relevant submission site.  If you have any questions, please contact the Editorial Office at [email protected]

Publication Date: 
Monday, August 31, 2020