New Papers Posted to Quantitative Economics' Forthcoming Page

The following papers have been accepted and posted to Quantitative Economics' forthcoming page and may be viewed here


Eligibility, Experience Rating, and Unemployment Insurance Take-up
Stéphane Auray and David L. Fuller


Household Risksharing Channels
Pierfederico Asdrubali, Simone Tedeschi, and Luigi Ventura


Bounds on Treatment Effects in Regression Discontinuity Designs with a Manipulated Running Variable
François Gerard, Miikka Rokkanen, and Christoph Rothe


A Tractable Framework for Analyzing a Class of Nonstationary Markov Models
Lilia Maliar, Serguei Maliar, John B. Taylor and Inna Tsener


Quantile Treatment Effects and Bootstrap Inference under Covariate-Adaptive Randomization
Yichong Zhang and Xin Zheng

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, April 28, 2020