New Papers Posted to Econometrica’s Forthcoming Page

The following papers have been accepted and posted to Econometrica’s forthcoming page and may be viewed here

Social Networks, Reputation, and Commitment: Evidence from a Savings Monitors Experiment
Emily Breza and Arun G. Chandrasekhar

Stable Matching in Large Economies
Yeon-Koo Che, Jinwoo Kim, and Fuhito Kojima

Monte Carlo Confidence Sets for Identified Sets
Xiaohong Chen, Timothy M. Christensen, and Elie Tamer

Career and Family Decisions: Cohorts born 1935 – 1975
Zvi Eckstein, Michael Keane, and Osnat Lifshitz

Estimation of an Equilibrium Model with Externalities: Post-Disaster Neighborhood Rebuilding
Chao Fu and Jesse Gregory

Optimal Taxation, Marriage, Home Production, and Family Labour Supply
George-Levi Gayle and Andrew Shephard

Consistent Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood Estimators and Groups of Transformations
Christian Gouriéroux, Alain Monfort, and Jean-Michel Zakoian

Optimal Development Policies with Financial Frictions
Oleg Itskhoki and Benjamin Moll

Insurgency and Small Wars: Estimation of Unobserved Coalition Structures
Francesco Trebbi and Eric Weese

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, August 22, 2018