New Co-Editors announced

I will be completing my term as editor this coming summer. I am delighted that Stephen Morris has agreed to serve as editor starting July 1, 2007. It is still a bit early to say in detail how much I have learned during my tenure on the board and how grateful I am for the support many of you have given me. But it is the right time to say that I look forward to Stephen bringing new views and an insightful perspective to this task. Stephen also suggested that I bring to the attention of those who may have not seen it the editorial in the July 2006 issue of Econometrica that expresses our long-standing interest in strengthening the journal by broadening it while maintaining its high standards.

In addition to Stephen becoming the editor, two other changes are planned: Daron Acemoglu and Wolfgang Pesendorfer will be joining as coeditors.

Daron is joining us this coming summer. The board is being expanded in this way to help us obtain more papers in areas where we are too often not authors' first choice, such as applied theory and the many other fields where Daron's professional standing and his expertise will be attractive to authors. Stephen and I are very excited about this change in the composition of the board and are delighted that Daron has accepted our invitation to join.

Wolfgang will be joining us the following summer. He will be replacing David Levine, whose (extended) term ends then. David is exceptionally valuable to the journal and to me as editor, and I am sure Stephen will likewise benefit from David's extraordinary breadth and knowledge. It will be difficult to lose such a resource. At the same time, we are thrilled that Wolfgang has agreed to become a coeditor; Wolfgang's knowledge and depth are well known to you all and are critical to the journal continuing to maintain its leadership role in theory.

Stephen, the executive committee and I all thought that having Daron and Wolfgang was very important for Econometrica , and it is great to announce here that both agreed to generously donate so much of their time and abilities to the society and its journal.

Best wishes for a great new year,
Eddie Dekel

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, January 3, 2007