Econometrica: Jul 2006, Volume 74, Issue 4

Weak Monotonicity Characterizes Deterministic Dominant‐Strategy Implementation
p. 1109-1132

Sushil Bikhchandani, Shurojit Chatterji, Ron Lavi, Ahuva Mu'alem, Noam Nisan, Arunava Sen

We characterize dominant‐strategy incentive compatibility with multidimensional types. A deterministic social choice function is dominant‐strategy incentive compatible if and only if it is weakly monotone (W‐Mon). The W‐Mon requirement is the following: If changing one agent's type (while keeping the types of other agents fixed) changes the outcome under the social choice function, then the resulting difference in utilities of the new and original outcomes evaluated at the new type of this agent must be no less than this difference in utilities evaluated at the original type of this agent.

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Supplemental Material

Supplementary Material for 'Weak Monotonicity Characterizes Deterministic Dominant-Strategy Implementation'

In our main paper, we define a weak-monotonicity (W-Mon) condition that is necessary and sufficient for dominant-strategy implementation in a variety of domains. This supplementary material complements the discussion there by providing additional examples and proofs. The notation used here is defined in the paper.

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