2021 China Meeting of the Econometric Society (VIRTUAL)

Jul 1 - 3, 2021

Shanghai, China


Jul 1 - 3, 2021 (Shanghai time)
Shanghai, China (VIRTUAL)
School of Entrepreneurship and Management, ShanghaiTech University

Final Program Link:

Important Dates

  • Regular Registration Period: May 16, 2021 – June 28, 2021, Midnight Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

The 2021 China Meeting of the Econometric Society (CMES 2021) will be held virtually by the School of Entrepreneurship and Management, ShanghaiTech University (http://sem.shanghaitech.edu.cn/sem_en) on July 1st - 3rd, 2021.

The conference program consists of keynote lectures, parallel sessions of invited and contributed papers, and networking sessions. 

The finalized conference program is posted at: https://editorialexpress.com/conference/CMES2021/program/CMES2021.html Please note that all times listed on the conference program are in China Standard Time, GMT+8. Please adjust the time for your own time zone accordingly.

Please visit the conference website at http://cmes2021.sem.shanghaitech.edu.cn/ for more information and other conference updates. 

Rates (in USD)

Registration Period: March 25, 2021 – June 28, 2021, Midnight Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Early Bird Registration (March 25 to May 15, 2021)
Presenter: $60 
Non-presenter: $30

Regular: (May 16 to June 28, 2021)
Presenter (with permission only): $80
Non-presenter: $40

The deadline to register for presenters was May 15, 2021; the deadline for non-presenters isl June 28.

Participants are invited to register through Conference Maker at https://editorialexpress.com/conference/CMES2021

With generous support from the Econometric Society Grants for Young Economists, CMES2021 will also establish several Best Paper by PhD Student Awards, chosen by the program committee members. PhD student presenters will be asked during registration to indicate their interest in being considered for the award.

Keynote Speakers

  • Markus Brunnermeier (Princeton University)
  • Xiaohong Chen (Yale University)
  • John Geanakoplos (Yale University)
  • Penny Goldberg (Yale University)
  • James J. Heckman (University of Chicago)
  • Michael Keane (University of New South Wales)
  • Paul Milgrom (Stanford University)
  • Stephen Morris (MIT)
  • Fabrizio Zilibotti (Yale University)

Local Arrangements Chairs (LAC)

• Ding Lu, Chair, ShanghaiTech University
• Yi Chen, Co-Chair, ShanghaiTech University
• Yvonne Jie Chen, Co-Chair, ShanghaiTech University
• Ming Guo, Co-chair, ShanghaiTech University

Program Co-Chairs

• Hanming Fang, University of Pennsylvania
• Qingmin Liu, Columbia University
• Zheng Michael Song, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Program Committee

• Yan Bai, University of Rochester
• Panle Jia Barwick, Cornell University
• Hui Chen, MIT Sloan
• Kaiji Chen, Emory University
• Xiaohong Chen, Yale University
• Xu Cheng, University of Pennsylvania
• Yan Chen, University of Michigan
• Ying Chen, Johns Hopkins University
• Lin William Cong, Cornell University
• Shuaizhang Feng, Jinan University
• Chao Fu, University of Wisconsin, Madison
• Wayne Gao, University of Pennsylvania
• Yingni Guo, Northwestern University
• Zhiguo He, Chicago Booth
• Han Hong, Stanford University
• Yingyao Hu, Johns Hopkins University
• Yi Huang, Geneva Institute of Finance
• Zhen Huo, Yale University
• Sainan Jin, Singapore Management University
• Shaowei Ke, University of Michigan
• Fei Li, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
• Hongbin Li, Stanford University
• Zheng Liu, FRB San Francisco
• Jianjun Miao, Boston University
• Xiaosheng Mu, Princeton University
• Rachel Ngai, LSE
• Jun Pan, SAIF
• Lin Peng, Baruch College
• Jun Qian, Fudan University
• Nancy Qian, Northwestern University
• Wenlan Qian, National University of Singapore
• Qiaowei Shen, Peking University
• Xianwen Shi, University of Toronto
• Xiaoxia Shi, University of Wisconsin, Madison
• Yixiao Sun, UC San Diego
• Xun Tang, Rice University
• Pengfei Wang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
• Yong Wang, Peking University
• Xi Weng, Peking University
• Binzhen Wu, Tsinghua University
• Zenan Wu, Peking University
• Wei Xiong, Princeton University
• Daniel Xu, Duke University
• Vivian Zhanwei Yue, Emory University
• Shengxing Zhang, LSE
• Shuang Zhang, University of Colorado Boulder
• Xiaobo Zhang, Peking University
• Xiaodong Zhu, University of Toronto


If you have any questions about the 2021 China Meeting of the Econometric Society, please contact Yamei Sun at [email protected]