2018 European Summer Meeting

Aug 27 - 31, 2018

Cologne, Germany

Website: http://www.eea-esem-congresses.org/
Paper Submission: http://editorialexpress.com/conference/EEAESEM2018

The 71st European Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society (ESEM) will take place in Cologne, Germany, August 27-31, 2018. The Meeting is hosted by the University of Cologne and will run in parallel with the 33rd Annual Congress of the European Economic Association (EEA). Participants will be able to attend all sessions of both events. The program chairs are Marco Ottaviani (Bocconi University) and Michèle Tertilt (University of Mannheim). The members of the local organizing committee from the University of Cologne are Felix Bierbrauer, Raphael Flore, Michael Krause, Marc Bettzüge, Isabel Schnabel (WinE, University of Bonn) and Daniel Scheu.

The Presidential Address will be given by Tim Besley (London School of Economics and Political Science). The Fisher Schultz Lecture will be given by Matthew Gentzkow (Stanford University). The Laffont Lecture will be given by Jeremy Greenwood (University of Pennsylvania).

The ESEM Invited Sessions are:

Advances in Macroeconomics
Matthias Doepke (Northwestern University)
Nezih Guner (CEMFI)

Advances in Business Cycles and Monetary Policy
Nir Jaimovich (University of Zurich)
Silvana Tenreyro (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Advances in Family Economics
Katrine Loken (Norwegian School of Business) 
Jerome Adda (Bocconi University)

Advances in Applied Microeconomics
Bard Harstad (University of Oslo)
Michelle Sovinsky (Mannheim University)

Advances in Economics of Research and Experimentation
Maximilian Kasy (Harvard University)
Sylvain Chassang (New York University)

Advances in Organizational Design
Guillaume Plantin (Paris School of Economics)
Tomasz Sadzik (University of California, Los Angeles)

Two prizes will be awarded for the best papers in applied economics (broadly taken to include applied theory, empirical economics, experimental economics, and computational economics) presented by young researchers within ten years of their PhD, i.e. with PhD awarded not earlier than January 1, 2008. When submitting papers on Conference Maker, presenters who want to be considered for a prize will have to click a box to indicate their interest and to certify that they are eligible.

Submissions are now open and will close on February 15, 2018. Papers can only be submitted electronically at http://editorialexpress.com/conference/EEAESEM2018. Please visit the EEA-ESEM Congress website at http://www.eea-esem-congresses.org/ for submission instructions and further details on the meeting.

Each author may submit only one paper to the ESEM and only one paper to the EEA Congress. The same paper cannot be submitted to both ESEM and the EEA Congress. At least one co-author must be a member of the association to which the paper is being submitted, or join that association at the time of submission. Membership will be authenticated with your Society username and password. To join or renew your membership, please visit https://www.econometricsociety.org .

WinE Retreat (Women in Economics Mentoring and Networking): Following on from the very successful WinE mentoring retreats held annually from 2013 to 2017, the WinE Committee is pleased to announce the sixth retreat will be held in connection with EEA-ESEM Cologne 2018.

The Retreat will be once again open to early career female economists with positions (post-doctoral fellows, lecturers, researchers and assistant professors) at academic and research institutions and who obtained their PhDs in 2013-2018 (we will also consider applicants who expect to obtain their PhD at a later date but who have already secured a position for the next academic year at a different institution from their PhD granting one).

The attendees will participate in a series of innovative discussions organized as panels and as smaller groups run by senior mentors. The discussions will cover topics such as publishing, writing successful grant applications, networking and career planning, with attention paid to the unique challenges that women may face at different stages of their careers. A number of attendees will also take part in small group sessions, which will focus on participants’ research papers and provide an opportunity for detailed comment and feed-back from senior mentors in their field.

There will also be many opportunities for the attendees to socialize with each other and their mentors during this event. Please visit the congress website at http://www.eea-esem-congresses.org/ for application information, dates and further details.