Far East and South Asia Meeting

Aug 3 - 5, 2009

Tokyo, Japan

The 2009 Far East and South Asia Meeting of the Econometric Society (FESAMES 2009) will be hosted by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tokyo, on 3-5 August, 2009.  The venue of the meeting is the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo which is about ten minutes away from the Tokyo JR station.  The program will consist of invited and contributed sessions in all fields of economics.

Prospective contributors are invited to submit their papers electronically to the appropriate program committee member through the conference website:


Complete papers (with title, abstract and full text) must be submitted by 20 April, 2009.

Paper acceptance notification will be forwarded by email by 20 May, 2009.  Final versions of accepted papers must be uploaded to the conference website by 8 July, 2008.  Paper presenters must register by that date.  Each author may submit only one paper, or be a co-author in others, provided no author would present more than one paper.  At least one co-author must be a member of the Society or must join (electronically at http://www.econometricsociety.org ) prior to submission.

Partial subsidy is available for travel and local expenses of young economists submitting a paper for a contributed session in the conference.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Dilip Abreu (Princeton University)
Abhijit Banerjee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Markus K. Brunnermeier (Princeton University)
Larry G. Epstein (Boston University)
Faruk R. Gul (Princeton University)
James Heckman (University of Chicago)
Han Hong (Stanford University)
Ali Hortacsu (University of Chicago)
Michihiro Kandori (University of Tokyo)
Dean Karlan (Yale University)
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University)
John List (University of Chicago)
Charles Manski (Northwestern University)
Daniel McFadden (University of California, Berkeley)
Costas Meghir (University College London)
Roger Myerson (University of Chicago)
Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard University)
Ariel Pakes (Harvard University)
Giorgio Primiceri (Northwestern University)
Jean-Marc Robin (Paris School of Economics/UCL)
Yuliy Sannikov (Princeton University)
Hyun Song Shin (Princeton University)
Christopher Sims (Princeton University)
James Stock (Harvard University)
David Weir (University of Michigan)

Program Committee:

Co-Chairs: Hidehiko Ichimura  (University of Tokyo)
                  Hitoshi Matsushima (University of Tokyo)

Toni Braun Macroeconomics (University of Tokyo)
Xiaohong Chen Econometric Theory (Yale University)
Shinichi Fukuda Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, International
Finance (University of Tokyo)
Takeo Hoshi Finance and Banking, Monetary Economics, Japanese Economy
(UC San Diego)
Toshihiro Ihori Public Economics, Fiscal Policy  (University of Tokyo)
Hideshi Itoh Contract Theory (Hitotsubashi University)
Atsushi Kajii Economic Theory, Information Economics, General
Equilibrium, Game Theory (Kyoto University)
Kazuya Kamiya General Equilibrium, Decision Theory, Computational
Economics  (University of Tokyo)
Yuichi Kitamura Microeconometrics (Yale University)
Kazuharu Kiyono Trade, Industrial Economics, Applied Economics (Waseda
Siu Fai Leung Labor (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Akihiko Matsui Game Theory  (University of Tokyo)
Tomoyuki Nakajima Macroeconomic Theory (Kyoto University)
Masao Ogaki Macroeconometrics (Ohio State University)
Hiroshi Ohashi Industrial Organization, International Trade
(University of Tokyo)
Joon Y. Park Time Series Econometrics (Texas A&M Unversity)
Tatsuyoshi Saijo Experimental Economics, Mechanism Design (Osaka University)
Makoto Saito Asset Pricing, Consumption and Investment, Monetary
Theory (Hitotsubashi University)
Yasuyuki Sawada Development, Applied Econometrics  (University of Tokyo)
Shigehiro Serizawa Mechanism Design, Social Choice Theory (Osaka University)
Akihisa Shibata International Macroeconomics (Kyoto University)
Takatoshi Tabuchi Urban Economics, International Trade, Economic
Geography  (University of Tokyo)
Noriyuki Yanagawa Law and Economics, Financial Contract  (University of Tokyo)

Local Organizing Committee:

Co-Chairs:  Hidehiko Ichimura (University of Tokyo)
                   Hitoshi Matsushima (University of Tokyo)

Yoichi Arai  (University of Tokyo)
Yun Jeong Choi  (University of Tokyo)
Julen Esteban-Pretel  (University of Tokyo)
Masahiro Fujiwara  (University of Tokyo)
Fumio Hayashi  (University of Tokyo)
Isao Ishida  (University of Tokyo)
Takatoshi Ito  (University of Tokyo)
Motoshige Itoh (University of Tokyo)
Katsuhito Iwai  (University of Tokyo)
Yasushi Iwamoto  (University of Tokyo)
Yoshitsugu Kanemoto  (University of Tokyo)
Takashi Kano  (University of Tokyo)
Takao Kobayashi  (University of Tokyo)
Tatsuya Kubokawa  (University of Tokyo)
Naoto Kunitomo  (University of Tokyo)
Hisashi Nakamura  (University of Tokyo)
Tetsuji Okazaki  (University of Tokyo)
Yasuhiro Omori  (University of Tokyo)
Akihiko Takahashi  (University of Tokyo)
Yoshiro Miwa  (University of Tokyo)
Kazuo Ueda  (University of Tokyo)
Makoto Yano  (Kyoto University)
Jiro Yoshida  (University of Tokyo)
Hiroshi Yoshikawa  (University of Tokyo)