European Winter Meeting

Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2008

Cambridge, UK

THE 2008 EUROPEAN WINTER MEETINGS of the Econometric Society will take place at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom, from October 31 to November 1. The Programme Committee consists of the Regional Consultants with Professor Richard J. Smith as Programme Committee Chair.

Senior members of the Econometric Society may propose candidates to the consultant of their region. Candidates are PhD students or recent PhD graduates who are intending to go on the job market during academic year 2008-9.

Eighteen participants are selected by the Regional Consultants to present their research and to discuss the research of the other participants at the meetings. The selection of participants proceeds in two stages. In the first stage each Regional Consultant selects one participant from his/her region and proposes a shortlist of candidates. In the second stage the remaining ten participants are elected by the Regional Consultants from these shortlists.

Regional Consultants

Chairperson: Prof. Jean-Marc Robin; Paris School of Economics, Université de Paris 1, and University College London; E-mail: [email protected]; Areas of expertise: Labor economics, Microeconometrics; Region: France, Portugal and Spain

Prof. Giuseppe Bertola; Università di Torino; E-mail: [email protected]; Areas of expertise: Macroeconomics, Labor economics, Financial theory and policy; Region: Greece, Italy and Switzerland

Prof. Georg Kirchsteiger; Université Libre de Bruxelles; E-mail: [email protected]; Areas of expertise: Microeconomic theory, Experimental economics, Public economics; Region: Benelux

Prof. Tom Krebs; University of Mannheim; E-mail: [email protected]; Areas of expertise: Macroeconomics, Financial economics, Economic theory; Region: Austria and Germany

Prof. Zvika Neeman; Boston University and Tel Aviv University; E-mail: [email protected]; Areas of expertise: Microeconomic theory, Game theory, Mechanism design; Region: Israel and Other Areas

Prof. Richard J. Smith; University of Cambridge; E-mail: [email protected]; Areas of expertise: Econometric theory, Estimation and inference in econometrics, Hypothesis testing, Model selection; Region: Great Britain and Ireland

Prof. Kjetil Storesletten; University of Oslo; E-mail: [email protected]; Areas of expertise: Macroeconomics, Political economy; Region: Scandinavia

Prof. Ákos Valentinyi; Central Bank of Hungary; E-mail: [email protected] ; Areas of expertise: Macroeconomic Theory, Economic growth, Transition economics; Region: Eastern European countries

Proposals of candidates should be sent by email to the Consultant of the relevant region for the candidate before September 5, 2008. The e-mail should include the candidate's CV, the complete paper s/he would like to present together with an introduction detailing the qualities of the candidate and, if the paper is co-authored, the contribution of the candidate. Successful candidates will be informed by October 3, 2008.

Please follow this link for the Call for Papers.

Information concerning these meetings will be made available in due course on the conference website