North American Summer Meeting

Jun 19 - 22, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA

The 2008 North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society will be held June 19-22, 2008, hosted by the David A. Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, PA. 

The program will be composed of a selection of invited and contributed papers including the Presidential Address by Torsten Persson (Stockholm), the Walras-Bowley Lecture by Zvi Eckstein (Tel Aviv), the Allan H. Meltzer Lecture by Guido Tabellini (Bocconi), and plenary sessions in Dynamic Public Finance, the Science of Monetary Policy, Health Economics, and Neuroeconomics. The program co-chairs are Dennis Epple and Stanley Zin of Carnegie Mellon University.

The Society now welcomes submissions via Conference Maker at  The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2008.  Further details and local arrangements are available at

Program Committee:

Amir Yaron, University of Pennsylvania (Capital Markets and Asset Pricing)
Antonio Rangel, California Institute of Technology (Plenary Sessions)
Barbara Spencer, University of British Columbia (International Trade)
Bart Lipman, Boston University (Game Theory)
Bennett McCallum, Carnegie Mellon University (Monetary Economics)
Robert Miller, Carnegie Mellon University (Panel Data Econometrics)
Christopher Sleet, Carnegie Mellon University (Plenary Sessions)
Dale Mortensen, Northwestern University (Labor Economics)
David Backus, New York University (International Macroeconomics)
Edward Green, Penn State University (Conract Theory)
Edward Nosal, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (Information and Exchange)
George Loewenstein, Carnegie Mellon University (Behavioral Economics)
Holger Sieg, Carnegie Mellon University (Empirical Public Economics)
Jean-Francois Richard, University of Pittsburgh (Bayesian Econometrics)
John Duffy, University of Pittsburgh (Experimental Economics)
Kjetil Storesletten, University of Oslo (Macroeconomics)
Martin Gaynor, Carnegie Mellon University (Plenary Sessions)
Marvin Goodfriend, Carnegie Mellon University (Plenary Sessions)
Nolan McCarty, Princeton University (Social Choice and Political Economy)
Peter Klibanoff, Northwestern University (Decision Theory)
Petra Todd, University of Pennsylvania (Empirical Microeconomics)
Raquel Fernandez, New York University (Development and Education)
Ravi Bansal, Duke University (Empirical Asset Pricing)
Richard Romano, University of Florida (Public Finance Theory)
Richard Green, Carnegie Mellon University (Corporate Finance)
Robert Townsend, University of Chicago (Development and Growth)
Stephen Spear, Carnegie Mellon University (Dynamic General Equilibrium Theory)
Suzanne Scotchmer, University of California, Berkeley (Industrial Orgainization Theory)
Anthony Smith, Yale University (Time Series Econometrics)
Valery Ramey, University of California, San Diego (Labor and Macroeconomics)
Wouter den Haan, University of Amsterdam (Computational Methods)
Xiaohong Chen, Yale University (Nonparametric Econometrics)