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Dear Member of the Econometric Society,

We are asking for your support for an important new initiative of the Econometric Society: creating a dedicated fund for young African scholars to increase membership and participation in the African region of the Econometric Society.

The African region of the Econometric Society is now fully established, running a successful annual meeting and, in 2018, electing the region’s first two Fellows. Due to the fundraising efforts of the local organizing committees and grant support from the central Society office, participation from younger African scholars has grown, but continued growth is hampered due to a lack of funds. 

To be involved with the Society and to take part in the exchange of ideas, scholars must join the Society, submit papers, attend regional meetings, when appropriate submit articles to the Society’s journals, and become involved in the Society’s leadership. 

In 2018 at the African region’s Cotonou meeting, there were 31 younger researchers who attended – many with grants from local organizers and the central Society office – but there are so many more across the region who would be involved with the proper funding.  In the African region, even the  young people who can afford to join the Society and attend the regional meeting have to literally cross Africa by bus to participate since they cannot afford to travel by air. This can often involve a journey of 2-3 days in some cases which involves real dedication.  

Even with the Society’s very reduced membership fees for young scholars, given limited research budgets, a $40 annual membership fee to the Society means that most cease to be members after participating in the annual meeting and therefore loose the academic benefits and impact on their growing careers. It is hard to have a transformative effect on these young scholars without ongoing access to the Society membership. At the same time, the region cannot have as much impact on the Society because of lower membership in comparison to other regions. One consequence is that there are too few members for the Africa region to have a seat on the Council—the main governing body of the Society.

For these reasons, the Society would like to create a sustainable Africa fund to provide free membership to young African scholars and build up a fund to subsidize travel for these young scholars to attend Society meetings. Although members have many priorities in their giving strategies, this is a cause that has a chance of making a difference to the trajectory of young researchers in a disadvantaged region as well as to increase the salience of the Econometric Society as a global force in promoting economics. 

If a member were to donate $120 that would be enough to extend membership to 3 young African Scholars for three years; at $240, a member could help cover the travel costs of a participant in the African Econometric Society in a given year and/or help 6 young African Scholars become members of the Society for three years; and $1000 would help to give a substantial travel grant to one or more young African Scholar to attend our meetings in a given year.  Of course, donations in excess of $1000 would make a bigger impact still on young African scholars’ participation in the Society. We sincerely hope you will donate whatever amount you are able to support this endeavor.

The Econometric Society is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the Econometric Society are tax deductible in the US as provided by federal and state regulations. Our federal ID # is 32-0402835.

If you have any questions, please email General Manager Lyn Hogan, [email protected].

With gratitude,

Stephen Morris            Tim Besley
President                      Past President



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