Voting Open for Regional Standing Committee elections

Elections for voting members of the Regional Standing Committees are now open.  Participating in these elections allow you to have a voice in the governance of the Society in your Region, where most of our activities take place.

The list of candidates equals twice the number of vacancies in each region. Candidates for these slots could be Fellows or members from the region, or Fellows from another region with a secondary affiliation to the region.

The voting procedure is rank-order. More detailed instructions are included on the voting page.

To access the election system, please go to where you will be required to login. If you have any trouble logging in, or with the election page, please contact Claire Sashi at [email protected].

The deadline for casting your vote is December 20 at midnight, Pacific Standard Time. I thank you for your participation in these important elections.

With best wishes

Robert Porter
President of the Econometric Society

Publication Date: 
Saturday, December 5, 2015