Update: No Plans to Postpone or Cancel World Congress

Because of the global challenges presented by COVID-19, many members have been 
asking whether we plan to postpone or cancel this summer's World Congress in Milan 
scheduled for August 17-August 21, 2020. Rest assured, we have no plans to postpone 
or cancel at this time. We want to let you know that the World Congress team at Bocconi 
University and the Econometric Society continue to plan confidently for the Congress. 

We’re very grateful for the ongoing work of our Congress Chairs, Program Area 
Coordinators and Program Committee members who are reading and grading the 
close to 3,000 submissions we received, and of course grateful to everyone who 
has submitted and hopes to attend the Congress in August. 

The World Congress team is in close contact with the relevant health authorities 
in Italy. As this situation unfolds, we remain watchful but also focused on planning 
and delivering an excellent World Congress for our worldwide members.

Please check the Congress web site 
for periodic updates as the situation evolves. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the World Congress in August and wish you 
all the best.

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, March 3, 2020