Supplement to "A Projection Framework for Testing Shape Restrictions that Form Convex Cones"

This supplement is organized as follows. Appendix B discusses particular shape restrictions with the convex cone property, Appendix C specializes our test to the regular case where rn{ˆθ_n − θ0} converges, Appendix D collects additional proofs and auxiliary results, and Appendix E presents additional simulation studies and an empirical application. Appendix F verifies the main assumptions for our examples, Appendix G provides proofs for Appendix C, while Appendix H contains simulation results omitted from the main text and Appendix E, all of which are relegated to the arXiv version of this paper ( due to space limitation.

Supplemental Authors: 
Fang, Zheng - Emory University
Seo, Juwon - National University of Singapore
Online Appendix