Report on Pricing and Access to Econometrica

Report on Pricing and Access to Econometrica

Ted Bergstrom, UCSB Roger Gordon, UCSD

Martin J. Osborne, University of Toronto

The data that this report discusses were collected and analyzed by Ted Bergstrom. Ted wrote the fi st draft of the report, which is based on discussions between all three committee members.

October 31, 2004


Background Information

Worldwide Subscriptions

In 2003, Econometrica had 6260 paid subscriptions, of which 1721 were institutional subscriptions in high-income countries. Because institutional subscribers pay a much higher price than other types, they contribute about 75% of gross subscription revenue. When we account for the marginal cost of printing and shipping paper copies, the share of net revenue attributable to institutional subscribers in high income countries is even higher, approxi- mately 90%. The only other significant source of net subscription revenue is individual subscriptions in high-income countries, which accounts for about 10% of net revenue. Table 1 shows subscriptions and revenue from each type of subscription in 2003. For these calculations, we assume that the marginal cost of supplying Econometrica to an additional subscriber is $32.

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