Report of the Committee on the Short Monograph Series

A Report of the committee on the short monographs series

Date of submission: Dec 19th, 2003
Members: Ariel Rubinstein (Chair), Andrew Chesher, Matt Jackson and Alan

The Committee
The committee was established by the Executive Committee in its Stockholm
meeting, August 03. Its goal was described by Eric Maskin in his letter of Oct 2nd,
“The executive committee of the Econometric Society decided in August to ask
an ad hoc committee to look into the idea of having a line of short
Monographs within the ES monograph series. I would like to invite you to
serve on the committee, with Ariel Rubinstein as chair.
The Executive Committee hopes that, in particular, you will consider the
following questions:
1. Should there be a line of short monographs?
2. If so, should it be distinct from other monographs in the series?
3. Should there be a de-emphasis on longer monographs?
4. What should the criteria for publication of a short monograph be?
5. Should ES members have free electronic access to the ES monograph series?
Even after publication?
6. How should the new initiative be promote?
Naturally, you'll want to discuss these matters with the publisher, CUP.
But, of course, any agreement would have to be approved by the executive

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