Report of the Committee on Econometric Society Web Use

Report of the Committee on Web Use by the Econometric Society

The following report was prepared for the Executive Committee of the Econometric Society. Some of the report's recommendations have already been adopted; others are still under consideration.

The Report of the Committee that was Initiated and Nominated in January 2002 for the Purpose of Exploring the Use of the Web by the Econometric Society.

Part I: Procedure

Part II: Recommendations

Part III: Six Background Reports (prepared at the beginning of the process summarizing the current situation regarding some of the relevant issues.) These are not included in this on-line report.

Bhaskar Dutta: Web Activities of Other Societies Glenn Ellison: Current Status of Econometrica On-line Bob Gordon: Responses to the Committee Questions

David Levine: Web Activities of Scientific Organizations

Ariel Rubinstein: A Summary of Responses to “Call for New Ideas"

John Rust: Electronic Publishing in Economics and Related Disciplines APPENDIX: James MacKinnon: Web Based Archive (not included in this on-line report)


Part I: Procedure The Mandate‌

The Committee was established on the initiative of the 2002 President of the Econometric Society, Guy Laroque. The mandate of the committee was defined in Guy’s letter to Ariel dated January 7th, 2002:

“The WEB has transformed the way scientific knowledge is disseminated. I am glad that you agree to head a committee to see how the Econometric Society can best use this new means of communication. The committee could fruitfully work along three directions:

  • Reviewing modes of publication that have appeared on the Web;
  • Establishing new publication methods, appropriate to the aims of the Econometric Society;
  • Constructing new forums of communications.

It would be great if the committee's proposals would help furthering the influence of the ES in regions of the world where it is underrepresented and/or in sub-fields of economics that are not well covered by Econometrica.

I hope that you will be able to present your recommendations for actions at the August 2002 Executive Committee Meeting in Venice.

I look forward to reading the committee's report, in an area that is crucial for the future of the ES.”

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