President's Report (2003)

Econometrica, Vol. 72, No.3 (May, 2004), 986-989


THE ECONOMETRIC SOCIETY is an international association with a world-wide membership. It operates in six regions: Australasia, Europe, the Far East, South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and North America. The society's website,, contains information about its structure and operation, as well as instructions on how to join. The site also includes a revised and updated version of Robert Gordon's article "What Is the Econometric Society? History, Organization and Basic Procedures," which was published in Econometrica in 1997. The society promotes studies that unify the theoretical-quantitative and empirical-quantitative approaches to economic problems. Regional meetings that take place annually, a World Congress that meets every five years, and the Society's journal, Econometrica, are the main vehicles for promoting these objectives.

1. Econometrica

Econometrica publishes high-quality papers in economic theory, econometric theory, and empirical economics. It is generally considered one of the leading journals in the economics profession. Thanks to the strong financial position of the Econometric Society, the editors again ran several larger-than-normal issues in 2003 to keep publication lags short.
Eddie Dekel took over as Editor in July 2003, and now, for the first time in Econometrica's history, the editorial office is located in Israel. Yael Leshem is the new editorial assistant.
Eddit succeeds Glenn Ellison, who did a great deal to reduce the time to editorial decisions. Glenn also sought to expand the range of papers that Econometrica publishes, in particular by soliciting more papers in applied theory and empirical economics. We owe Glenn a considerable debt for the superb job he has done.
Besides the Editor, the Co-Editors have primary responsibility for the journal (there are also forty-four associate editors). The current comprises Joel Horowitz, David Levine (who began his term last July), Costas Meghir, and Andrew Postlewaite. Joel will be stepping down in July 2004, and, slightly prematurely, I would like to express our thanks to him for his decimated service. He will be succeeded by Whitney Newey (the Co-Editor search committee consisted of Richard Blundell, Chair, Dan McFadden, Rob Porter, Glenn Ellison, and Eddie Dekel). Happily for us, Dorothy Hodges continues as Managing Editor, a job she has been performing magnificently for close to four decades.

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