Executive Committee Minutes 2016, San Francisco


Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting

San Francisco, January 2, 2016

Eddie Dekel, President
Drew Fudenberg, First Vice-President
Robert Porter, Past President
Matt Jackson, At-Large Member
Andrew McLennan, At-Large Member
Stephen Morris, At-Large Member
Rafael Repullo, At-Large Member
Joel Sobel, Editor of Econometrica
George Mailath, Editor of Theoretical Economics
Rosa Matzkin, Editor of Quantitative Economics
Bernard Salanié, Executive Vice-President
Claire Sashi, General Manager

Apologies: Tim Besley, Second Vice-President


Minutes of the August 2015 Meeting

  1. The minutes of the August 2015 Executive Committee meeting were approved without change. It was AGREED that in the future, the Executive Committee would approve the minutes before they are posted for Council discussion.

Report of the 2015 Election of Fellows

  1. Dekel reported on the outcome of the 2015 Election of Fellows. The influence of the Nominating Committee was strong, as in recent years. The Executive Committee members expressed their disappointment in the lack of diversity of the newly elected Fellows. They discussed ideas to further promote election of women and of candidates from underrepresented regions.
  2. The implementation of rolling over candidates that received at least 20% of votes was discussed for the coming year’s election. It was AGREED that the three-year cap on the ballot restarts each time a candidate is re-nominated and meets the 20% threshold of votes. Dekel will propose wording for the rule and circulate to the Executive Committee for review.

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