Executive Committee Minutes 2015, Montreal


Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting

Montréal, August 15, 2015

Robert Porter, President
Eddie Dekel, First Vice-President
Drew Fudenberg, Second Vice-President
Manuel Arellano, Past President
Hidehiko Ichimura, At-Large Member
Matthew Jackson, At-Large Member
Andrew McLennan, At-Large Member
Larry Samuelson, At-Large Member
Joel Sobel, Editor of Econometrica
George Mailath, Editor of Theoretical Economics
Rosa Matzkin, Editor of Quantitative Economics
Bernard Salanié, Executive Vice-President
Claire Sashi, General Manager

Minutes of the January 2015 Meeting
1. The Minutes of the January 2015 Executive Committee meeting were approved without

Report of the Editors of Econometrica
2. Sobel presented the Report of the Editors of Econometrica, summarizing the data
presented in the report tables. There was discussion on the format and type of data
provided to the Executive Committee. Sobel noted that more sophisticated reporting could
be extracted from the editorial data. He informed that he received a research request to
analyze data from Econometrica. The Executive Committee debated how this kind of
research could help improve our editorial process, and expressed concerns over the
security of the data and the validity of the results. It was AGREED to form a committee
to review the research requests and other editorial matters such as plagiarism, privacy
concerns, data security and fraudulent data for further discussion at the January meeting.
It was also noted that the information publicized on the process for transferring papers
from Econometrica to the QE and TE should be reviewed.
3. There was discussion on the field coverage needed for the Co-editor replacement
committee. Porter will appoint a committee in consultation with the editor.

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