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North American Winter Meeting, San Diego, CA, January 4-6, 2013

April 2, 2012


January 6-8, 2013 North American Winter Meeting

San Diego, CA

THE 2013 NORTH AMERICAN WINTER MEETING of the Econometric Society will be held in San Diego, CA, on January 4-6, 2013, as part of the annual meeting of the Allied Social Science Associations. The program will consist of contributed and invited papers.

The program committee invites contributions in the form of individual papers and entire sessions (of three or four papers). Each person may submit and present only one paper, but may be the co-author of several papers submitted to the conference. At least one co-author must be a member of the Society. You may join the Econometric Society at The submissions should represent original manuscripts not previously presented to any Econometric Society regional meeting or submitted to other professional organizations for presentation at these same meetings.

Prospective contributors are invited to submit titles and abstracts of their papers by May 3, 2012 at the conference website:
Authors that submit complete papers are treated favorably.

B. Douglas Bernheim
Program Committee Chair

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